Where should we go to dinner?
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Cast of characters: two adults, generally located on the Westside of LA. One vegetarian, one decidedly not. We are in search of fun and interesting places for events worthy of more celebration than Grubhub takeout!

Interested in all locations, though Westside preferred. I haven't used Chowhound in years but if it's really still a better option, let me know. The vegetarian options would, preferably, be actual options and not feel desultory/boring/require the removal of pancetta. Moderately-priced tasting menus or small plates would be a bonus (somewhere below, say, Melisse in price point, though less-fancy but great options are always welcome.) Extra bonus points for Sicilian suggestions. Past favorites: Josie, Tagine's tasting menus, Mercado. Thanks!
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There are two tapas places in DTSM that have meatless options: Bar Pinxo and Taberna Arros y Vi. (I've been to Bar Pinxo and really liked it; it's run by Joe Miller of Joe's in Venice, which is one of my favorite restaurants, but it's light on veggie options.)
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As a veg. who used to live in West LA:

Mayura — great Kerala Indian cuisine.
Crossroads — Spendy but crazy delicious vegan food. Makes Real Food Daily look like Denny's.
InkSack — Great lunch option from Michael Voltagio that has both veggie and meat food.
Tacos La Flama — Better for the meat eater than the veg., as it's half a carniceria, but it's quick and tasty cheap Mexican.
Ford's Filling Station — Depending on their specials, can be pretty tasty.
John O'Groats — Worth it for hitting off-peak breakfast.
Gracias Madre — Veggie Mexican from the Cafe Gratitude folks; tasty enough that meat-eating coworkers really dug it too.
Border Grill — Meat and veg. options; Santa Monica one better than Downtown.

Those are all on what I think of as the West Side (Fairfax to the sea). Lemme know if you want more options east of that (we've been over on this side for about five years, though I worked in WeHo up until recently).
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Todd Rick Allen has a good blog that covers westside eats.

(Ford's Filling Station is closed, fyi.)
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Just popping in to say that Chowhound is indeed the best option for this.
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Find a place in Little Ethiopia....Ethiopian food is notoriously diverse for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. The method of eating (injera bread with your hands) and restaurant ambiance make it unique.
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More small plates with both options in DTSM: The Misfit

Satdha, if all veggie is okay

You could also keep an eye on Food Truck Tuesdays on Main St & Ocean Park to see what's on tap every week.
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Awash is my favorite Ethiopian restaurant in LA. The veggie combo is huge and delicious (plenty for 2 to share) and for the meat eater, the grilled chicken is super tasty. If you prefer beef, the zilzil tibbs are quite good, and are brought to the table on a hot griddle.
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Rustic Canyon--The menu changes often so this review talks about different dishes than is currently on the menu, but it gives you an idea

Tar & Roses
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Ford's Filling Station is no longer in Culver - they're now in DTLA.

Open Sesame in Hancock Park is fantastic Lebanese, with lots of vegetarian and meat options.

EnjoEat in Culver City is one of my favorite little Italian spots. Unpretentious, value-priced, great food, stuff for vegetarians and meat-eaters.

Bucato in Culver City is a fabulous Italian place but expensive.
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