Know of any outstanding animal rights groups?
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I'd like to provide some support to one or more animal rights organizations. I'm trying to find groups that use methods that aren't violent or alienating, but are focused on publicizing mistreatment and promoting legal means of preventing cruelty. Are there any groups that are doing a particularly good job of this?
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Vegan Outreach
Farm Sanctuary (though they do more caretaking than outreach, they are very worthy)
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In Defense of Animals
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Certified Humane is an organization that promotes humane treatment of animals raised for meat and whatnot. If you believe that animals should be food, they seem a good organization to support.

And I love the Humane Society.
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You need to decide if you want to support an animal welfare or an animal rights group. These are wildly different and you've been linked to both above.

If it's animal welfare you're after I'd propose donating to one of the groups working in Louisiana and local shelters first (although I visit them before giving money, especially no kills which can be pretty grim). If you really want to promote outreach groups who do low cost spay/neuter clinics in your area or groups that work with livestock owners in third world countries to provide basic vet care and animal husbandry knowledge (like the Donkey Sanctuary's affiliates ) are probably good choices.

I don't support animal rights groups myself as I think it has nothing to do with actual animals and everything to do with an ideology I don't believe in anyway.
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Is there some objection to the ASPCA? They have been doing what you describe forever, and are very effective.
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In the UK, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals would foot your bill. They police mistreatment and neglect, provide care for sick and abandoned pets, raise public awareness and lobby governments, food and farming industries for better standards of animal welfare. It's pretty similar to the ASPCA and Humane Society in the US. I'd say all three admirably fit your 'outstanding' requirement.

Globally, the World Wildlife Fund also does excellent work but, as the name suggests, is more focused on environmental issues.

It's great that you want to get involved and don't be put off by other people's dogmatic approach to terminology. Animal rights and animal welfare can be the same thing: just because you don't raid labs and set fire to fur coats, doesn't mean you can't want a better future for all animals.
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Animal rights and animal welfare can be the same thing

Not to hijack the thread but animal rights and animal welfare are most certainly not the same thing. I've been involved in animal welfare for years and I've seen countless people donate $$ thinking it would go to animal welfare issues only to see it spent on promoting an ideology they're probably not even fully aware of. I support spay/ neuter clinics, many animal rights groups oppose neutering, I support rehoming racehorses, many animal rights groups think horses shouldn't be ridden, shod, gelded, kept stabled etc etc. They are two very different things.

FWIW I wouldn't donate to the HSUS- they are very animal rights oriented and I know a lot of people who have quit volunteering for them in protest at the no-kill conditions, high overhead, emotional ad campaigns and pro-companion law policies. Also the HSUS and ASPCA don't seem to be particularly careful with your $$. Someone I know who has been volunteering in LA since Katrina said they have been throwing away box truckloads of brand new dog crates, leashes and pallets of food every day. There are several photos of this occuring and they are the prime contractors with the govt. to take care of this kind of stuff so they are getting big grants every year to be there as well as all the donations. HSUS also refused to take phone calls at the shelter and required people to show up in person to find their animals or they were shipped out of state within a couple of weeks to be adopted. Donate directly to the LSU vet school, small groups or LA-SPCA instead. (Local SPCAs and Humane Societys are not affiliated with the nationals).

I'd rather give money to someone like CANTER Greyhound Rescue one of the Elephant Sanctuaries personally than the big national groups. More bang for your buck.
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Not to hijack the thread but animal rights and animal welfare are most certainly not the same thing.

Well, it is hijacking, and that's exactly what I meant by dogma.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all your suggestions!
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