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Photo categorization software with user defined tags.

I'm looking for photo categorization software using tags that are user defined. An photo of me on vacation with bob and ted would have the following tags: me, bob, ted, vacation. The software should be able to search by tag and compile lists of images.
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Apple iPhoto can organize images by tags. Works well with Flickr.
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I'm looking for the same thing, cm. Like a personal flickr. iPhoto bothers me because it creates a convoluted database of folders and thumbnail files. I (and I'm thinking you, too) want something more like graphic converter's browse feature, but with the ability to not only rename files, but to add tags. I'll be watching this thread.
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Adobe Photoshop Album or Picasa.
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undertone's got it, Adobe Photoshop Album is a great photo tagging app.
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F-Spot for the GNOME (Unix/Linux) desktop uses tagging (and the most recent development versions feature quicker editing of user-defined tags).
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I use digiKam for KDE under Linux.
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Another possibility: iView Media. I've used the Pro edition of version 2, and it's a pretty capable product. They don't mention tags specifically, but you can add as many annotations as you like, under a whole variety of categories, (e.g. 'keywords' and 'people') and they effectively work like tags.
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Photoshop Album is pretty good for this. It uses little icons that look like price tags, and you can drag them onto photos. Another neat features is that you can categorize them, so you can have "dad" and "mom" under "family", and can then show all the photos tagged with "family".

OTOH, I vaguely remember that Album doesn't exist as a real product anymore, and that it was rolled in Photoshop Elements 3.0. So I don't know how good it is now.
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A few others to check out:

View MediaPro
Extensis Portfolio
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