Using Adobe Premiere/Media Encoder to chop end off MP4s automatically?
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I have 400 promotional MP4s that are each exactly 51 seconds long. I need 400 promotional MP4s that are each exactly 25 seconds long. Can I use a Complete up-to-date Adobe Creative Suite to accomplish this automatically?

the Good news is that all the credits are front loaded on the beginning of the MP4s, so I can literally just chop the last 26 seconds off each of these.

I made all of these in Premiere (about 2 years ago) and not sure if I still have access to all the source files and working files.

Is there any way to set up some kind of batch process (maybe in Media Encoder) that will open the MP4, cut off the last 26 seconds, and export the result as a new MP4?

Thanks in advance, gang!
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At risk of not answering the precise question asked, ffmpeg (plus a little bash scripting) will do this pretty easily: cutting video in ffmpeg, batching in ffmpeg. Oh, and doing both (in Windows).
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Similar to supercres mp3splt has an osx version and you can specify by time.mp3splt
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supercres has it. A good batch cutting script is worth it's weight in gold.

Since my place moved away from Apple/FCP a couple of years ago, I've been forced into working more and more with Premiere and Media Encoder. Premiere has had three (?) major x.0 upgrades in the last three years. Their backwards compatibility is questionable at best and a nightmare at worst. If you have access to an old machine with a two year old version of Premiere (CS6? 5.5?) on it, IMHO you'd be vastly better off giving that a shot.

It's almost like you need to have a dedicated machine for each project. Because whoops, Adobe upgraded three of your main programs mid-stream. Do I start new projects on the old release? Or do I bite the bone and possibly screw up the massive project I've been working on for months?


Caveat, over the last two weeks, I've been trying to resurrect an old premiere 5.5 SD project from 2011-12, and it just isn't working. Someone converted all of the source edit files to some goofy Matrox .avi codec, and our non Matrox machines wont load them in Premiere at all. "Sorry about your old project $CLIENT, Adobe locked you out of your stuff." That dog isn't gonna hunt.
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Sphinx, I suggest VirtualDub's frameserver and AviSynth. I forget exactly how to work that particular brand of arcane magic but it saved my bacon more than once when I was editing in my 5.5 days. MeFi mail me if you want details.
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Also, WinFF is a superb frontend to ffmpeg.
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