Video editor for Windows Vista or Windows 7
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My sister needs to make YouTube videos for her business. The camera outputs MP4 files. Needs the ability to edit and add beginning and ending slides. Output should be uploadable to YouTube. Currently using VideoPad (on Vista) which keeps outputting video with out-of-sync audio. Suggested software should work on Vista or Windows 7. Any ideas? (besides Movie Maker)
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Movie Maker will do exactly that. Why not MM?
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Adobe Premiere Elements should work. More powerful than WMM, although for the stated use case that's irrelevant.

However, Windows Live Movie Maker will also work and is free, unless I'm missing some reason you don't feel it's the right answer.
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Cheaper options include Premier Elements @ $50 USD or Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD (or HD Platinum, ~$100-$150 USD)

New versions of Premiere and Vegas can directly edit MP4 files without too much trouble if the computer is at least a dual-core at the top of the 2.5-2.8 ghz spectrum. Slower computers can be used at lower preview settings meaning choppier previews and pixelated images.

Both have a steeper learning curve than her current software but allow you basic editing functionality without too much hassle, and have direct-to-website exporting like YouTube/Vimeo etc. Both have basic title and overlay options. Not sure about maximum number of video tracks/audio tracks/etc. as these are usually much less than professional versions.

Higher end software like Premiere Pro or Vegas Pro are about $500+ and offer higher end filters/plugins and offer more control (i.e. more titling features, more supported output formats and controls, more import formats like Illustrator/Photoshop/etc. files) than the starter entries.

Also, Vegas has an alternate editing style than Premiere/FinalCut/iMovie/Avid which may not work for her.
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Open source: Avidemux
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Seconding Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD. It's not entirely intuitive and there is a steep learning curve, but once your sister figures out how to do the simple things she wants to do, it gets easier to use. When I needed to upgrade from the previous version of Sony Vegas, I sampled many other Windows movie editors but ended up coming back to Sony.

FYI, I'm running Windows 7 on a Pentium dual core 2.2gHz with 3 GB of RAM. Runs rather well, although today I ran into some choppy preview video like Khazk describes. Closed some open programs and the problem went away. I was previewing 720p video from an iPhone.
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