Closing Facebook Account. I Have Questions!
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I'm getting tired of Facebook and want to close my account. It's becoming too problematic, socially skewed, lacking in cuss words and attention-draining with ad's. I do want to save all my previous posts and photos. How would I do so? I also have access to my business accounts through my personal site. Is there a way I can make these stand on their own?
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So a) you can download all your data from Facebook. Log in, go to settings (, and at the bottom (under Temperature) there is an option to "Download a copy of your Facebook data."

For b) are these an account you can transfer to a new owner? I would make a new account with the privacy settings maxed out, don't make any friends, and transfer ownership of the business accounts to that account.
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As I understand it, you can't have Facebook Pages without having a Facebook Personal Account and Profile.
You could, as BrainMouse suggested, transfer ownership of these pages to another owner, perhaps a trusted employee or co-owner or family member willing to monitor them?

If not, then really think hard about just how much ROI you are getting from your Page(s) and go from there. Perhaps your business would survive just fine without a Facebook presence.
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Would it meet your goals to just empty out your existing account? Defriend everyone, unlike everything, and it becomes a lot less interesting.
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Or create a new skeletal FB Personal account, transfer ownership of the business pages to that account, and then close the original personal account.
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