Un-solicited original music
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How can I get my original music published? What companies will take UN-solicited original music?

Original vocal and piano accompaniment with lyrics and melody. The style is: R&B/Jazz.
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Make a list of what labels publish music similar to yours. Look on those labels homepages for an address to submit demos to. Submit demo if the label accepts demos. Repeat as necessary.
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Alternatively, release the music yourself on YouTube. Build a following, make money off of the YouTube ads, and have the labels come calling to you.

(The odds of success between this and Jairus's option may be similar.)
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I work in music publishing. The answer to your question really depends on where you want the music placed, and how this fits in with your broader goals as a musician. Memail and perhaps I can advise or help.
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A former professor of mine self-publishes. And he makes enough money off royalties for his entire family to live off of. For him it's about have good self-promotion. The self-publishing is simply to get the music engraved so people can actually read it and play it. His focus is very modern art music, extremely difficult to play, and basically a few dedicated groups take and play his stuff in addition to colleagues who already know him.

Another composer friend of mine uses a mom-n-pop local music publishing company, just to get his choral works published so schools can get a hold of them and use them. His focus is choral music for educators to use in schools.

I self publish. Of all my musical hats, I do not plan to make money off my music, but I record and post to YouTube in case people come across it some day and care enough for a score, which I can then present in a professional manner. I also write difficult, modern classical music that only a few people would really like to get a hold of.
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