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Hello! My mother recently started going through old things she has of the potentially-heirloom variety. This has also revealed some generally old, bizarre things that were passed down that have not been identified. So, people of Metafilter, what is this? Current guess is that it's somehow related to candles? Maybe? Any guesses are welcome.
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Since you said any guesses are welcome...

First, a reverse Google image search didn't really turn anything up.

My initial guess is an antique leatherworking tool of unknown purpose (based on the hammer-like head), but metal hammers are less common or ideal for leatherwork. Also, the item seems a bit ornate for such utilitarian purpose. (Am I correct that the bent end of the object is solid, not hollow like a candle snuffer? I can't tell from the pictures.)

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if someone who was learning or experimenting with metalsmithing decided to take a butter knife, bend the handle, and then cut a chip into the knife edge itself.
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Is the notch in the blade part sharp? Would it be used for trimming wicks?
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If you set it on the flared part of the handle, does it stand upon its own? So that the long blade like part is parallel to the ground, with the notch facing down?
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You could try asking the subreddit whatisthisthing.
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Response by poster: I did not know there was an entire subreddit devoted to this sort of thing. Awesome!

As to the other questions:

Yes, the handle is solid.
Yes, the notch is (relatively) sharp.
Yes, it does stand on its own.
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A paperweight/letter opener?
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It looks like one side of the blade part has writing on it- a patent number? What does it say?
In the photo it looks like it might be "PAT'D 18797". Is that right?
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How big is it? About the size of a butter knife?
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Response by poster: It's a little larger than a butter knife - which is to say it is about that size, but the blade is long for that purpose.

And almost yes! It says "PAT'D 12.7.97"
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Best answer: It's a cigar box opener & hammer.
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Response by poster: Sweet! Thank you, everyone, this has made our day. :D
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