Name this made-for-TV movie: Two kids steal a bus...
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I'm wasting a question on this because otherwise I might go insane. Late 1970s, early 1980s, made-for-TV movie about two kids who steal a school bus.

This is what I remember. There was probably more to it:

Two high school aged kids steal a school bus and go missing. One kid is white, the other black. The families of the two kids are trying to find out what happened to their kids. Eventually the police find the bus and report that one kid is alive, the other dead. The final scene of the movie you hear one group of parents start crying, though you can't tell which parent it is so you never know what kid dies.

I think the rest of the movie might have gotten more into the kids, their friendship, and whatever problems they were dealing with.

I'm sure it was some ABC movie of the week or something like that, and I'm sure it was awful by today's standards, but about three weeks ago something snapped in my brain, I suddenly remembered it, and I can't seem to find it no matter what I Google about busses or high school kids or TV movies. I need to know the name of this movie so that I can move on with my life.

As I was probably no more than ten years old when I watched this movie on TV there is a good chance I am completely misremembering it.
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Was it "They've Taken Our Children," which was about the Chowchilla Bus Kidnapping?
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Response by poster: No, it was not about a kidnapping. The kids were "bad" and stole the bus to go joy riding.
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You are absolutely not completely misremembering it, as I remember the end where you hear one family crying but don't know which one. But I don't remember anything else, and now it's driving me crazy too. /me shakes fist
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Best answer: Ok, you're not going to believe this, but I got it: it's "All God's Children." For some absolutely bizarre reason, when I started thinking about it, I remembered that Richard Widmark was in it. From there, it was easy. What bizarre recesses of my brain I pulled that out of, I do not know, but there you have it.
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Response by poster: Are you sure, holborne? I can't seem to find a plot synopsis that confirms it. The most I can find about "All God's Children" is that it's a movie about the busing crisis in New England.
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Best answer: Yep, I am quite sure. This is the synopsis from Amazon:

"An all-star cast and two award-winning producers combine to create this explosive drama about enforced busing and its impact on a small American town. The story centers around two young friends - one white, one black. Together, they steal a school bus in protest of the new laws which will separate them in their last year of high school. Tragically, the bus crashes, killing one boy, while the other, grieving and afraid, goes into hiding. Amid a cloud of controversy, it finally becomes clear to the families and townspeople that if fear is to end, and trust begin, then it must start with each of them."
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That is a weird metaphor for the busing crisis.
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Response by poster: Holy shit, that's it! Thanks, holborne!

As I said, I was a kid when I saw it, so I only remember the part about the stolen bus. All the stuff about the busing controversy was lost on me back then, I'm sure.

Ok, now that I know the title of the movie I guess I can move on with my life. I have no idea what to do with this information.
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You could screen a Richard Widmark film festival with that as the opening film, I guess...
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