What weblog software would you recommend?
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Web Blog filter - I'm thinking of posting a blog that will have lots of useful links and information to attract readers.

Eventually - I'm thinking Google Ads to pull in some money (very little, I expect). There may be a database so users can run a search query. I'd like my own domain name instead of www.JoeSmith.typepad.com. I'd also like to do everything I can so that I'm googlable. Now for the question, what software or service would you recommend?
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I've used both Blogger and Movable Type. I've been happy with both, and either should work with the requirements you listed above.
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Definitely WordPress. Movable Type is a great product, but to the best of my knowledge is no better than WordPress, and isn't open source. YMMV on whether that's an important consideration or not.
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It's worth pointing out that TypePad lets you use your own domain. That is, if you have www.JoeSmith.com then you can make that the address for your blog. Here's how: Setting up domain mapping, and Domain mapping requirements.

The only thing you'd be missing is a search field for users, but TypePad does have instructions on how to add a Google site specific search (thanks to one mathowie).

I'm not a TypePad employee, just someone generally satisfied with their service.
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I highly recommend WordPress, although that's only with Blogger and LiveJournal experience (no MT).
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You can now use WORDPRESS as a hosted service like TypePad - yet free. The service went live to the public last week. To put WordPress on your server use wordpress.org - to try the hosted service - just sign-up and go here!
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If you're technically capable, I recommend installing some free weblogging software on your server, like Movable Type and Wordpress (having used all three, my personal recommendation is Textpattern).
You'll want to compare them to pick out one which best suits you. All three offer built-in search options.

If you're not too sure on how to install and run the software, Blogger is a better option for you. It's easy to set up, use and customize. Once you've registered a domain name and have a web host, you can use Blogger to publish there via FTP for free. As far as making money and being Googleable, Blogger is owned by Google, so Google AdSense is integrated into the tool.
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Dreamhost ---> One click install wordpress ---> better value than typepad.
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Powweb also has one click Wordpress. They've complained about the CPU overhead caused by my MT installation in the past. Actually, given that they've complained you might not want to choose them.
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Try them all out at OpenSourceCMS and see what's best for you. My favorite is Nucleus CMS, but WordPress as suggested above is also good.
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I've used Greymatter, Blogger, Movable Type, Serendipity, Textpattern, Expression Engine and Wordpress. The latter wins, especially if you use a host who offers one-click install.
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Please do not use the phrase "web blog". It grates my eyes when I read it.
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megatherium, I noticed the OP used the term "web blog" instead of weblog or blog. However, asking people to "please" not say something because it "grates my eyes" won't work at MeFi. There's no right to not have your eyes grated. It was in the TOS, didn't you read it? Now if you had said it offended you that might be different. How dare someone feel offended these days! Actually...weblog, blog, online journal, whatever....it all works and it's an individual preference I suppose. Now, back to the online weblogging tool I use for blogging and logging my cyberjournal. I bet your eyes are grating again! Grrrrrr......

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