Watching the Olympics in NZ?
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What should I expect for New Zealand media coverage of the 2006 Winter Olympics?

I'll be visiting NZ for 5-6 weeks in February and March and I'm curious what radio and television coverage of the Winter Olympics will be like. For sure, there'll be a focus on the local athletes and teams, like the skiers, but I'm wondering how I were to idly see if the hockey tournament will be aired. I know I can get results on the Internet, so I'm more into figuring out what the bars and pubs will be broadcasting whenever I'm not tramping about.
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I'm not so sure that bars and pubs will be screening it, but usually the Olympics (winter and summer) gets constant coverage for the fortnight or so it's on. The focus will definately will be on those events where NZ has a chance at a medal. Chances are the hockey will get decent coverage.
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what malpractice said.

From memory, there's practically a channel dedicated to screening the olympics/winter olympics when they are on.

I'm not really sure if you can find out what pubs will be screening what games, if any... but the interest in hockey is high enough here that you'll probably find most games aired, probably on channel One, but if not, definitely on one of the satellite sport channels.

I think you'll probably have to find out specifics for pubs "on the fly" (I doubt any pubs have thought so far ahead as to schedule this already!)... go into a local pub when you get into town and ask what they'll be showing. Hey, there's always a chance that they like hockey.
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As above. TV One aired the Athens games pretty much non-stop (especially overnight when there could be as many as eight or ten hours of live, non-stop coverage).

They also had a nice prime-time package of mixed taped coverage from the day before and live events. NZ is 12 hours ahead of GMT - so morning events in Turin will be on in prime-time here, and vice versa.

In all, TV One's coverage totally kicks NBC's ass. You'll enjoy the change if you're at all into the Olympics.
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actually, with regard to time zones, we are currently 13 hours ahead of GMT, and this doesn't switch over till mid March... so we're 12 hours ahead of Turin.

Ok, ok, this is only one hours difference from what newscouch said.

But either way, the overall effect is that most of the exciting live coverage will be during your best REM sleep time...

If highlight shows don't bother you, you'll get your dose there, otherwise you could be in for some really late nights...
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