One night in Nashville (and the world's your rocky mountain oyster)
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In Nashville for a random Wednesday night in May. Where can we stay that will allow us to see a bit of the city and have a fun night preferably without driving?

We'll be driving 8 hours that day so I'd like to find a place (either hotel or Air BnB) that we can park the car and walk around to find some decent food/bars/live music that represent Nashville well. What neighborhoods should I be targeting? Does anyone have specific recommendations for a place to stay? Any other suggestions for can't miss places to visit are also very welcome.
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What's your budget? I'd recommend the Union Station Hotel, a cool place and a quick walk to downtown activity.
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We recently spent a weekend there, and the area surrounding Vanderbilt University has tons of great stuff to see and do and eat and drink. (The main point of our trip was a visit to Parnassus Books - if bookstores are your thing, it's highly recommended. Legato Gelato was also a highlight.)
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Broadway downtown is the touristy honkytonk area, if that's what you're looking for. There really is a ton to see in the Nashville area, so it very much depends on what you're interested in. But if you stay downtown, there's plenty to walk to for food, drinks, music, etc. When I go and need to be downtown, I stay at the Omni, Hermitage, or Hilton (Downtown).
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We stayed a few weeks ago at Hotel Indigo It's within walking distance of Broadway and all that business and was ideal for a first time in nashville when we wanted to see all the touristy stuff. The hotel itself was pretty great for a chain and far enough from the fray to avoid all the vacation drunks on Broadway if we wanted.

We also used UBER a couple times to get to other neighborhoods and it was super reasonable. I think the most i paid was under 10.00. Recommended over a cab unless you are going out to the Opry, which is a flat rate from downtown.
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- The Southern (my favorite restaurant in town but make a reservation if you decide to go, it gets busy)
- Pub5 - tiny place across from Bridgestone Arena. Get the pork belly tacos.
- Pucketts Grocery and Restaurant (but really just restaurant, I'd suggest this for lunch)

- Honky tonks are all up and down broadway and full of tourists which can be fun
- But also check out the websites for The Ryman, War Memorial Auditorium, and the Schemerhorn in case there is a good show in town that night

The Gulch
- Whiskey Kitchen, Virago, Adele's, St. Anejo (these are all in the same area and are all great. Adele's and Virago are pretty pricey)
- A little farther down are places like Cantina Laredo and Music City Flats. Don't go there, they're not unique to Nashville

- The Station Inn has great bluegrass every night of the week

East Nashville
- Mas Tacos Por Favor - open until 8 on Wednesdays, limited but awesome menu

That's all I can think of right now. If you can be a little more specific about what you want to do then I can add some more. Feel free to memail me if you have any questions!
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Nashville is wonderful, I went to college there and loved it. The best hotel is the Union Station mmiddle mentioned above, but it is pretty pricey. My brother and his wife stayed at Hotel Indigo that domino mentioned and enjoyed it very much.

One of my favorite things in Nashville was The Station Inn, it's a small bluegrass bar a couple blocks from the heart of downtown. They always have great music. Intimate feel and it's a Nashville mainstay.
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oh, forgot my usual hotel warning: don't stay anywhere near the Titans stadium, those places are awful.

I live in Nashville so I haven't stayed in any of these hotels but these all seem pretty nice and are close to some good restaurants and bars:

- Hilton
- Hyatt Place
- Omni
- Union Station (really pretty and old/historic)

The Gulch
- Fairfield Inn & Suites

- just about any of the hotels in that area would be good and a quick/cheap cab ride to downtown
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