Is there an app for this? Personal dental record/tracking
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Is there some kind of personal dental record / tooth history app, or even a way of marking comments on tooth diagrams, for either major tablet OS?

Hi there,

I embarrassed myself today by thinking tooth A, which has been bothering me a little, was _adjacent_ to the one that my new dentist worked on last week. Turns out that he did such a good job on my root canal that I was completely confused about which tooth it was, and tooth A _was_ the root canal tooth. I knew an adjacent tooth had a small carie, so I figured that was bothering me.

I don't have an iPad or tablet, but being able to keep track of stuff like this would be a reason to get one. Something like, "So, you want to do a filling on this one [I highlight a tooth on my screen]?" -- and my other three fillings, which were done a lot of years ago, are there on the screen also, and I can see how long each filling has lasted (after I review my dental records and put them into the app), and see that the dentist has told me I'll probably need a filling in a different tooth soon, etc.

Anyway, does this exist, for either major tablet OS? I tried searching for [android app dental] and found apps targeted to dentists, not to end users of dentistry.
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