Doctor in NYC willing to transfer an Adderall prescription?
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I just moved to NYC and would like to have a doctor refill my Adderall prescription. Ideally, I just give them my current script and they fill it after a general checkup. Also my previous doctor and I were on a plan where I'd only go in for checkups every several months and she'd write me a prescription in the interim for me to pickup but not actually have to visit.

I'm not looking to change my dosage or get additional medication, I've been on this for 5+ years and I'm just looking for a reasonable doctor that will write the script. I've had a dosage that has worked for me for years, so I think I'm in a good place.

I've been searching online, but thought a personal recommendation would be best. I'd even be okay with a "pill pusher" type doctor only because I don't really have a need for therapy or talking to them. Just looking for a simple prescription transfer.
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Be aware that someone may say they will transfer a prescription, but then might require random urinalysis and/or decide they are going to take you off of medication.
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I live in NYC and I switched psychiatrists because mine was a crook. I don't know if you have insurance but I see a psychiatic nurse at Soho MD now. They however only take United Oxford or are out of pocket. She's amazing though. She continued my adderall prescription and put me on new medication for another issue. Her name is Sandhya Singh-Chopra and she's really wonderful.
I hope you work it out!
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You'll probably not have a problem finding a doctor to do this for you in the general population. It's pretty common practice, unofficially.

That said (from my toxicology/epidemiology persepective), here's the thing: Adderall's not really one of those drugs we know a lot about in terms of long-term use, so it's not the best idea to just assume you can keep taking it without the need for periodic check-ups. It's right there in the FDA-mandated insert,

"The effectiveness of ADDERALL® for long-term use has not been systematically evaluated in controlled trials. Therefore, the physician who elects to use ADDERALL® for extended periods should periodically re-evaluate the long-term usefulness of the drug for the individual patient."

Drugs like this are approved contingent on the manufacturer being diligent about post-marketing surveillance in lieu of showing safety and efficacy data on long-term use at the time the new drug application is submitted. Adderall gets special mention above and beyond many drugs because it's got some very real black box warnings (addiction, cardiovascular adverse events).

I don't mean this to shame you or anything, but you should keep this in mind. Especially if a physician of yours has never pulled you aside while writing or renewing your prescription over several years and said, hey, here's this scrip but, like, you should really make sure you get periodic evaluations, right? If a prospective doctor refuses to do a "simple prescription transfer" because you specifically ask to skip a check-up when seeking a drug with black box warnings and questionable long term safety and effectiveness, that doctor's not being an asshole--she's being a good doctor.
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Response by poster: To be clear my doctor had 3 month physical checkups, I'm not looking to avoid those I'm just looking to avoid having to go in every single month.
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