how should I celebrate being done exams?
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I am finishing my exams tomorrow. It is the end of my second year of law school, it's been stressful, I want to celebrate. what to do?

I am a low key person. My current plan is to return home after finishing my exam (arrival at home in Toronto: approx 2pm) and then....?

Things I have:
- someone to celebrate with (one person, also just finished exams, though one day earlier - probably won't see them as much this summer as the every-weekday thing we have got ing during the school year - will probably meet me downtown)
- a central location in a big city (Kensington market in Toronto - location blind recommendations are very welcome though)
- a reckless abandon to my student loans in this instance (no i won't be flying to France, yes I can spend money)
- a desire to drink and relax but not do the same thing I do every week

My original plan was to sit on my deck and play cards but it is going to rain tomorrow and generally be bad weather. My backup plan is going to a pub and drinking there but that's not an atypical evening for me. What should I do to make it more "special" and mark an occasion?
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a desire to drink and relax but not do the same thing I do every week

Put on grownup clothes, go to a great hotel bar and have cocktails?
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Toronto? You could go to panorama and have a drink.
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Cigars were one of our post-exams things during law school. It's only the once or twice, but dang is it nice.
If it's something you care about, getting a good massage / manipedi or something along the like to detox the stress.

Christie Pits has a firepit, you could burn any of the notes you've made for your exams. It can be...cathartic.
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When I turned in my last college paper I came home, brought my laptop into the bathroom, and took a 4 hour bubble bath while watching Six Feet Under. Would recommend.
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I had a pleasurable end-of-law-school-exams session with some friends, a nice patio, and a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue. Though it's not quite the nectar of the gods (and certainly doesn't live up to its price), it was nice to mark the occasion with a drink and location combination that I'd never find myself in if not for the celebratory nature of the event. So, I like the nice-cocktail-with-a-view approach.
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I believe it's traditional to celebrate with a nap, then a late brunch.
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I dunno about you, Hepta, but after my last law school exam of the year tomorrow, I am going to Stout on Carlton to hang out and do the pub quiz with my friends.
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Day drinking outdoors on a patio. I went to law school in Minneapolis so it wasn't always warm when we finished exams, but it was the right course. I believe first year was Guinness, second year was Jameson, and third year was some ridiculously expensive Irish whiskey with the last of our loan money.
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i finish mine day after tomorrow! the last thing i want to do is anything requiring brain power however. i plan to go dancing some time this week but i like the idea of going to the biggest mall and splurging and coming out looking different. will there be a live music/show/comedy event? that would be fun.
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Spa day.
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I believe it's traditional to look around and think "I'm free, I'm free, I don't have any studying to grind out, I'm free to do anything I want to." Then exercise your choice to do anything you want to.
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Another vote for spa day. Intense studying and the resulting stress used to make my back and neck get so super tight. Some sauna/whirlpool time coupled with a deep tissue massage helped me to return to a relaxed state.
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