How to find out if the price is right for this flight
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Is there a website which will give me an idea of how much a flight between A and B should cost at any given time? Ballpark is fine.

I'd like to visit New York in October (I live near SFO) and when I went online to check for tickets, I saw that it would be around $400 round-trip. Which seems not unreasonable to me, but I'm not familiar at all with US travel prices. Is there some kind of website where I can just plug in the destination and the date, and get a ballpark figure for what ticket prices ought to be? I plan on travelling quite a bit, so sites that aren't city-specific would be preferred.

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This kind of thing varies so much based upon so many different factors (fuel costs, time of year, how far out you're buying the tickets, etc.) that I don't think it's really possible. I can tell you that I regularly book airfare from the East Coast (albeit a smaller airport than NYC) to SFO and $400 is on the low-end of what we generally pay.
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When you looked last time, was it on google?
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I'm not any kind of super-flyer or frequent flyer points hacker or something like that, but I've flown that route a bunch (including twice so far this year), and $400 is a good priceā€”I'd say very good, even. One time it was $562, another $372.
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There are sites the purport to do this - Kayak, Bing Travel, etc. BUT, this problem is far from solved. See this article for some of the challenges surrounding this.

From my anecdotal experience, $400 round-trip isn't bad between SFO and NYC. By tweaking dates, I've been able to get prices below $350, but it's basically unheard of to find much below, say, $300 or $325. Around the Christmas holidays, when I have mostly been traveling on these routes, I would kill for a $400 round trip.
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There's an iOS app that tries to do this called Hopper. You put in your cities and it tells you what the price ranges are like. For SFO-NYC, it says $350 is a good deal and $625 is expensive.
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I use Google Flights (linked above) to watch the price of flights I know I'm going to be taking down the road. When you save a flight, it creates a nice graph (starting from that day) that you can check obsessively if you're like me. This way, you get a good idea of what the lowest price and highest price kinda look like.
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Rome2Rio does this, providing rough average travel costs, routes and methods between any two points.
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I use for this.
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Second that is a great resource for this - they also have a webpage with reports.
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Unfortunately, ticket prices vary way too much for this stat to have much meaning, and airlines have computers dedicated to adjusting prices in almost real-time to squeeze the most $$$ out of every passenger.

I seem to remember Kayak have a "Escape Calc" where it will show you where in the world you can fly to and how much if you specify a home city, or I could be remembering the wrong service. :)
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I seem to remember Kayak have a "Escape Calc" where it will show you where in the world you can fly to and how much if you specify a home city, or I could be remembering the wrong service. :)

You're thinking of Kayak Explore. They kind of hide it away though. It's one of my favourite day-dreaming tools.
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