Why does it say paper jam when there is no paper jam?
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Finally broke down and bought a DVD player. I connected the red yellow and white composite cables to their corresponding ports and all I get is sound - but no picture.

My TV is a Toshiba 32A14, and it has inputs on the back for Video 1 and Video 2. There is also a port for S Video but it's not in use.

A VCR is currently hooked up to Video 1, and the DVD player is hooked up to Video 2. I set the televison to accept input Video 2. Both video player devices are connected with composite cables.

The result is that I can hear the background music for the DVD's menu screen, but the screen is black. This means I can't see the onscreen DVD player operation menu OR the menu for the movie I was hoping to watch.

I do not have cable, but I do have rabbit ears connected via coaxial cable to the antenna hookup.

Office Space Special Edition with Flair is calling my name... help me figure out how to watch it!
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Seems like there are a few possibilities:

1) the yellow line of your composite cable isn't carrying the video. Make sure it's seated in the ports on your DVD player and TV properly. If there's no trouble there, try switching the red and yellow plugs (at both devices) temporarily. If the video can't through a different line of the composite cable either, it's probably not the cable.

2) Your DVD player isn't outputting the video. I'd usually suggest connecting the player to a different TV using the same cables to check this.

3) Your TV has a problem with it's Video 2 input. Try attaching the DVD Player into Video 1 temporarily, or alternately connect your VCR to Video 2 and see if you still get no picture from it.

I can't believe I'm doing this in my leisure time now! From my tech-support job while on a break, no less!

Good Luck!
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Check to make sure that you haven't crossed the yellow and white ports on the back of your TV. I know, I know-- sounds simple, but sometimes it's dark back there. You might only be hearing the sound out of one channel while the other audio channel and the video channel are crossed.
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According to the manual, your TV has a set of component inputs as well (branded 'ColorStream' by Toshiba). Perhaps the TV is trying to take input from the component video inputs, instead of the composite video input as intended? That would explain why you're getting sound but no video.

What make/model is the DVD player, by the way?
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The DVD player is a $35 Target special, the Trutech TT 320.

The VCR is operating normally but the DVD player - feh! I've tried disconnecting the VCR from the TV and using the Video 1 ports, with the same result of audio, no video.

Will try other above-suggested connections and report back.

On the component video suggestion: there appear to be only two (ColorStream) component ports (red and blue) on the TV, but there are three on DVD player (red blue and green). Can someone explain how that might work?
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Ok, I think the DVD player is set for Colorstream by default, see if there is a toggle somewhere on it that will switch it from that to regular component mode. (We had this problem with a Sony DVD player once)
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There are TWO yellow ports on the back of the DVD player. One is for video, the other is for coaxial. And I had the damned yellow cable plugged into coaxial.

In the light of day I found my error.

Oh, well: perhaps someday, someone else will Google for 'Trutech tt320 audio troubleshoot "no picture"' and this won't all be for naught!

It's a grey and rainy day here, and a perfect day to curl up with a video.... a video that I can actually SEE and not just hear. Thanks all!
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