I need a bra
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Do you know a good place to get fitted for a bra in NYC?
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I was most recently fitted at La Petite Coquette on University Place, and they found me a good fit. I have also heard good things about the fitters at Town Shop on the Upper West Side.
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Weird size here -- try The Town Shop on the UWS. Really nice people and they have a TON of stock. Not cheap, but imo worth it.
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Came to say Town Shop as well.
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I went to Town Shop as well. I bought 2 bras at the time, but since then I've been buying off Ebay, because now I know exactly what size of which (very expensive) brand looks best.
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Lord and Taylor.
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Town Shop, or Linda's. Definitely not Iris in Brooklyn.
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BraTenders and Bradelis have worked out really well for me.
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I would also avoid Orchard Corset. It has a good reputation but my experience there was not great (they got my size *totally* wrong).
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I had a good experience at Linda's.
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Town Shop! Most of the time the sales women are very good, but there's still an element of buyer beware. On two occasions people have tried to sell me a bra that didn't really fit right, probably because they didn't have my size. One bra was too small in the cup, so the associate pushed my breasts down and to the sides so there wouldn't be any overflow at the top. Another time, a different woman fastened the bra in back for me, and got a decent fit. But later I realized she'd used the innermost row of hooks because the band was actually too big for me. So judge for yourself if the bra feels and looks right.

I have had several 100% positive experiences in there; I'm not trying to discourage you! In those cases, I just wasn't looking out for myself.

If you need a bra that's smooth or conceals nipples, bring a top with you so you can test for those things.
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Just another person to say it is only the bras Ive gotten at Town Shop that I love.
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A friend was just telling me last night that she had a great experience at Lee Lee's Valise in Brooklyn.
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I've had great experiences at BraTenders.
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Journelle on E17th between 5th Ave and USQ is good. I go there now.

If you go to Linda's be sure to make an appointment. I didn't know you were supposed to, and had to wait for a while.
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Town Shop
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I liked Orchard Corset a lot. Their selection is limited but budget-friendly. YMMV.
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I'll nth Town Shop for fitting. For bra shopping, it's not my favorite -- they do have a huge selection but most of their styles are not my style, and I had to be a little more assertive than I prefer to be with a salesperson who was really convinced that I would look cute in an animal print bra. However, they absolutely identified my correct size, which was not the size I walked in off the street wearing, and has continued to be my correct size when shopping elsewhere.
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Intimacy on the Upper East Side (Madison Ave) did a really good job for me, but the bras were scarily expensive.
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Not a fan of Orchard Corset but I don't like any store where the staff decides what you need and you can take it or stuff it.
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Nthing Town Shop for fitting.

Also, if your ladies are on the larger side, the bra shop upstairs inside Lane Bryant on 34th St. is pretty great (even if the rest of you is smaller than the rest of their clothes). The woman who helped me instantly found a bra that fit exactly the way I wanted. Their bras are very well made and they often have sales.
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A friend said she had a great experience at Linda's on 3rd Ave in Murray Hill when she needed new bras . She had some special requirements as a result of some surgery and she said the salesladies were sensitive and knowledgeable.

I've had good experiences in Town Shop. The salesladies know their stuff. Once when I walked in there in the summer wearing a t-shirt, the saleslady took one look at me and said "well, I can see you're in the right size" and immediately went to the drawer containing the exact size I was wearing.
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Here to recommend BraTenders. It's where B'way gals get all of their stuff.
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I did Orchard Corset once. My size was weird even for them but I got some great-fitting and relatively cheap bras out of the deal.
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Another vote for Bradelis. The sales reps there pointed out that there are many more shapes and size variants than prefab bra sizes in America, and that's why most bras don't fit. I, too, walked in one size and out another. Six months on, I remain very happy with the experience.
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I like intimacy on the UES but it tends to run on the expensive side.
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