Where to Grieve Safely Online?
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My mother passed away in December. Still hurting. Want to grieve. It's hard. Need a safe place online to that. Where?

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Are you looking to find others who can commiserate? There are tons and tons of grieving support groups and forums online, and I think the only way to figure out which is safe for you is to visit a few and see what the vibe is like.

As always with things online, you should protect yourself as much as you can (personal information, etc.), so if you're worried about feeling safe, it may be better to find real-world people with whom you are already comfortable and grieve with them. Therapists, clergy, close friends and family can help immensely, and most understand that grieving doesn't end when the rituals of death are over.
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Response by poster: Just a closed group of some sort to share, write, maybe dedicate a page to that's password protected. Real life will not cut it this time around.
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Tumblr is many things to many people. There are a lot of tumblr bloggers out there who post extremely personal stuff, including PTSD and grief. You can make it as anonymous or pseudonymous as you like. There's an option to password protect your page. You could well even find a support network of some sort through following other blogs there, but that might take some trial and error and time to establish. All the best to you in this difficult time.
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Response by poster: No....needs to be just a bit more refined than LJ and Tumblr. Just a support group of sorts, or a website designed for this kind of outpouring, maybe commemorating....with dignity and quiet understanding.
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Best answer: There is a writer slash therapist who runs a 30 day grief writing program that might be just what you are looking for, here.
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Response by poster: Thank you - this might be the right place.
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Best answer: If it would help to chat with someone trained to listen, Seven Cups of Tea is free and confidential. It's not a replacement for therapy, but it's a start.

Can't get the link to insert on my phone, but it's here:
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Response by poster: Thank you amazing people of metafilter.
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