Help me find English-language Zen Centers in (Eastern) Europe.
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I've spent time in and around Zen centers before, though I'm really a complete beginner when it comes to Buddhism. I would like to spend a week (or more?) staying in a Zen center with a program tailored for beginners. Where can I find a center in Eastern Europe that has a program in English that would suit me? I'm willing to travel to Western Europe but would prefer to find something closer to home.
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Response by poster: Parmanparman, I'm specifically not looking for Vipassana centers, and would like a beginner-level Zen program. It looks like that site only lists Vipassana centres/non-centre locations with classes.
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Best answer: Budapest: Won Kwang Sa

Helsinki: Helsinki Zen Center

Pan-European: Kwan Um School of Zen
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This is in Western Europe, but would Plum Village work? It's Thich Nhat Hanh's location for much of the year.
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Er, to add on what I just wrote, Plum Village has retreats in other European countries, so there's one in Germany and another in the UK this year. Plum Village is in France.
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