Lesbian-friendly gynecologist in NYC?
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Insurance is obviously the issue: A New York-specific Obamacare offering from Aetna.

I am looking for a lesiban-friendly gyno (don't need OB) for well-woman visits in NYC. My insurance is Aetna Open Access Elect Choice EPO, which is evidently not taken by all places that take Aetna.

I would love someone in downtown Manhattan but I'm not superpicky. I've seen some discussions in which people don't understand what makes a gay-friendly gynecologist. This would be someone who has a proven track record of being comfortable and open with gender and sexuality issues, doesn't make assumptions about reproduction and doesn't think that people who aren't regularly having penis-vaginal intercourse don't need the same level of gynecological care. The doctor doesn't have to be gay him/herself.

The usual desires for a doctor--that they be kind, smart, impressive with clean modern offices--are important to me as well.

Thanks for any and all recommendations--if you know of someone, I'll check to see if they take my insurance.
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You might be able to get treatment or a referral from Beth Israel LGBT Health Services or Callen-Lorde. I don't have personal experience with either of these centers, but know Callen-Lorde by reputation.
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Best answer: I do not live in NYC, however, a private queer FB group I'm a member of suggests these people for OB/GYN care:
Dr. Antoinette Whitehead at Downtown Women OB-GYN Associates
Dr. Zoe Rodriguez at Beth Israel (Union Square)
Zil Goldstein - Family Nurse Practitioner at Beth Israel Medical Group
M. Victoria Albina, Family Nurse Practitioner at One Medical Group
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I would second Downtown Women's and add Laura Zeidenstein, CNM at Midwifery of Manhattan in midtown (many midwives also do well-woman care in addition to prenatal care and births).
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Response by poster: Just a follow-up. I went to Antonette Whitehead at Downtown Women. she's great.
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