Anyone recall an early group blog/reality show, name riffed on 'cereal'?
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The Lore thread reminded me of something else from that era of the web, one of the first group blogs I encountered, and now I am annoyed because I can't remember the name or more details. It was a bunch of interconnected art/tech/media people, mostly based in the SF Bay Area I believe. The name riffed off 'cereal' in some way, but all the keywords are too general to fish anything up out of google.

As I recall it, the blogs were hosted on a single site -- it was definitely an attempt to bring a little bit of reality show aesthetic to blogging. A big grid, I think, and you could click on the latest journal entry from whoever. I think it was probably before 2000 because I don't think I was in the Bay Area yet (probably would have been less interesting if I was), and I have a dim sense that the Webbies featured at least once -- maybe someone going to them? So it was maybe 1997 or soon after. Don't think it lasted very long, at least as active updates.
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Best answer: Geek Cereal? "Geek Cereal went online in 1996 with 7 diarists".

What Lore thread?
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nvrmnd found it
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Response by poster: That's it! Cyberorganic. They have an archive page pointing at it, but the domain is long gone. Internet Archive remembers, though:
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the webmistress: "What Lore thread?"

Clear your schedule.
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