What should I buy with £75 at Liberty (luxury department store)?
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I have a £75 gift voucher to spend in Liberty (the luxury department store in London). I don't buy a lot of stuff and when I do I don't really spend a lot of money, so since I have this opportunity I would like to buy something more luxurious / higher quality / aspirational than I would normally. I'm a guy, and there's nothing in particular I want or need, so up for consideration is anything from menswear, men's accessories, stationery, homeware, jewellery, furniture, random objects, etc. What would you go for?

I'm happy to put the £75 towards something more expensive, say up to £150. Equally I can buy multiple items with it. Basically I want to experience that sense that something feels / looks / works better, or is more beautifully made, than its cheaper equivalent.
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I personally would go for makeup, but as a guy I'm assuming that's not quite for you.

So instead, I would suggest candles. Really nice candles are much more stupidly expensive than you would expect. But they do last a long time and smell much nicer/less synthetic than what I normally get at Sainsbury's. You could get maybe 2-3 with £75 which should last a while.

Do you wear suits? How about a pocket square or tie in a Liberty print? You'll need to pay a bit out of pocket if you get both, but they could coordinate and wedding season is just kicking off.
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Nicer versions of stuff you wear or use everyday. Merino underwear and tshirts? Nicer socks? Nicer cotton or linen handkerchiefs? Shower gel?
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Some decent shaving gear.
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I would spend it all on chocolate. Or this cashmere scarf : http://www.liberty.co.uk/fcp/product/Liberty//Black-Plain-Cashmere-Scarf-/111291
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Seconding a nice scarf!
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I think if you don't go and walk round the place and look at everything you're sort of short-changing yourself.
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Nice bed linens. You get to experience them every night.
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If there is nothing you particularly want, how about some nice presents for upcoming birthdays or for Christmas?
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Fabric. Ribbons. Take a friend who could do you some nice new curtains. My wife would go nuts with that kind of gift certificate.
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absurdly expensive socks. your feet will thank you.
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seconding go there in person, definitely get something in the unique liberty print that you couldnt get elsewhere
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions so far. It feels super indulgent to spend it so much on something like socks but that idea appeals to me precisely because it's not something I would ever have spent the money on.

> how about some nice presents for upcoming birthdays or for Christmas?

Great idea, but it's actually a gift voucher triggered by my Liberty loyalty card from all Christmas presents I bought from there, hence why I fancy splashing out on myself.
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Fabric--why buy something at Liberty you can buy someplace else? Buy enough Tana lawn to have a shirt or shorts made for yourself.
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Get one of their really cool flower ties.
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A rather swank, but practical (not leather), light jacket. If they have any you like.
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I'd go for one of their Liberty Print summer cotton ties. I bought one about ten years ago and wear it every year when it gets warm. From what I can tell, they seem to cost ~£55.
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Really good bath towels!
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