Name our data consultancy business.
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I'm setting up a data consultancy with an ex-work colleague. Our core business will be to provide analysis relating to children's services in local government, advice on what services should be monitoring, trends and benchmarking, setting up performance frameworks and so on. We are having difficulty finding a business name.

We've thought of many names on the lines of $RANDOM_WORD + Data / Analysis / Statistics, but would prefer one with some relationship to what we actually do.

Words like "Outcomes" / "Performance" etc + Data don't work well as they produce too many Google results which are not us. Our front-runner at the moment is "Child-Proof Data" but that may be too cutesy. We may also diversify into other areas of local government data so may need to avoid too much specificity.

Any ideas welcome!
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Policy Analysis Partners or Program Analysis Partners
Policy Research Associates or Policy Research Partners
Program Research Associates or Program Research Partners

More Unusual...
The Bureau of Public Intervention or The Bureau of Public Effectiveness
The Confidence Interval
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Policy Decision Criteria
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Data Knows Best.
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It doesn't need to have a name that "does what it says on the tin." In many ways that works against you in Google. You are better off having a name like Paduasoy Consulting.
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Happy Medians
Swing Sets
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You are better off having a name like Paduasoy Consulting.

Was just going to recommend this.
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You mention expansion here, so I'd try not to pin yourself down to children with the name. As for a word like "data" - well, data will always be important, but phrases like "big data" and "data science" are overused right now, and if people stop using them your company's name won't sound timeless. I'd recommend just going with your names. Flip a coin to see who goes first.
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Abacus: Because it is a data analysis tool which is nicely concrete and which is specifically seen as relating to children.
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Kid trends
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Although I suggested just going with your people-names, I like rongorongo's idea - abacus is sufficiently generic that it doesn't tie you down, but specific enough that it communicates something about what you do.
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Response by poster: Hi all - thanks for these, we will have a session considering them. We did start from the point of using our names, but one of our surnames is a fairly common noun and we couldn't get it to sound ok in any combination.
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