Resources to learn about Hong Kong's domestic & foreign sovereign debt
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Where can a non-finance person go to learn about domestic and foreign sovereign debt in Hong Kong?

I'm writing a paper for a class that's supposed to be introductory but actually requires a lot of knowledge about monetary policy, economics, and finance... which I don't have. Does anyone know of resources that explain this topic in relatively simple terms? I have, of course, tried Google and a ton of research databases, but the articles I've found use so much jargon that they might as well be written in a foreign language.
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The HK Treasury Branch may be a place to start. I haven't researched domestic/foreign debt in HK but have studied tax reform there a bit, and I found the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau to have some accessible information from public consultation reports, etc. You may find something helpful here on your topic.

See also the Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research. This working paper, for example, considers debt markets in Asia generally.
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Journals like Butterworths Journal of Banking and Financial Law or Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation might be a bit easier to understand (they're read by practitioners). Maybe try Bloomberg or the Financial Times too.

This general book on Sovereign Debt Management might be worth a look if you can find it (I found it looking for writings by Philip Wood, who's basically the guy on international financial law).

The Economist Intelligence Unit country briefings will probably have useful information. It's subscription only, you might have access through Nexis or a standalone subscription - ask your librarian. Actually, ask your librarian anyway, it's what they're there for...:)

Or try the websites of multinational law firms (Clifford Chance, Allen & Overy...), banks (I bet HSBC have done something), consultancies (PwC, Deloitte etc). They often have client briefings that are more understandable than academic articles.
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Try quora--they have a series of questions and responses on sovereign debt across all levels. You can also try googling for sovereign debt crisis (argentina 2001 and latin debt crisis in the 1980s have plenty written--argentina would be good because they had a currency peg like HK). There's no crisis in HK but since those articles are tended for a general reader they go into the basics pretty well. I haven't posted any links because I'm not sure what level you're at but there are tons out there.

The HK debt market is sufficiently specialized that you'll probably be best served by learning the principles involved on countries with larger debt markets that have been in the public eye and then applying them to HK vs jumping directly to HK.
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