Psst .... Beatle boot
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For far too long I've coveted high-heeled mens shoes of the kind stereotypically worn by Beatles, mods, and (IIRC) many men hundreds of years ago. But just searching randomly for "winklepickers" or "cuban heels" tends to yield shoes that are, well, ugly, and I don't really see many options in stores. This is nice but I don't want boots, really. WHERE can I get, or at least look at, nice examples of men's shoes with some heel on them?
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You want a heeled chelsea boot.
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"Cuban heeled chelsea boots"? ASOS has some on the cheap, or there are many more expensive specimens elsewhere.
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Add "Chelsea boot" to your rotation of terms you search. Even if they are not by the strictest definition Chelsea boots, the style you're looking for often tends to get put in that category.
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I believe Shuperb ships to the US, but they definitely have a broad range of what I think are nice looking men's shoes with a heel.
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Beatle boot? Aha, Beatle boot.
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Response by poster: I have actually searched for "chelsea boot", with or without "cuban heel", as well. In general I haven't found doing such broad searches very useful since the majority of the results tend to look cheap or boring. I'd really prefer specific suggestions.

Thanks for the tip, crush-onastick.
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Check out Fluevogs for good quality options -- example 1, example 2.
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Response by poster: ISTR that dance shoes often have higher heels but don't know if they'd be made for general wearing about.
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Try R M Williams--Australian but I think available in the US. If memory serves they have some Cuban-heeled styles, and they certainly aren't cheap-looking.
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Found some at Korean stores: Leather lace-ups (or in patent leather).

More Korean (although this store is in Los Angeles): Jota Shoes "Height Elevator Shoes"
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Men's tango shoes?
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Can you fit into a women's size 11? PSKaufman immediately came to mind. I know they're only in women's sizes at the moment but I'm pretty sure they used to be called 'unisex,' and many of the styles look it. (Pricy, but amazing construction; I expect mine to never, ever wear out.)
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Yeah, if you're in the Bay Area, there are 2 Fluevog stores in San Francisco. The Union Square one is easy to get to from BART; I haven't been to the other one.
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Response by poster: Can you fit into a women's size 11?

Apparently not (I'm a men's 10.5) but I suppose that isn't a bad idea (though those shoes, while nice, are a bit femme for me to contemplate wearing anyway).
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I'd call that kind of shoe stacked heel rather than a Cuban heel. If that helps you with googling.
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veery: example 2.
I want to bear that shoe's babies.
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