Need a soul mate for my Jira
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Our organization uses Jira or managing agile development and we use a plug in called Tempo to do time-tracking and resource forecasting. It's not the greatest combination. Looking for recommendations on other software or plug ins that help Jira out in terms of enterprise portfolio management

So we are happy with Jira for what it is. We aren't crazy about Tempo but it's serving our needs for now. What we really want is a one stop solution that would enable us to integrate with Jira to do the following:

Timeline/Gantt Chart creation and management
Resource Forecasting
Time Tracking
Project Budgeting including Burn Reports
Financial forecasting for the purposes of generating a proposal for a project's cost

I'm currently looking at Workfront and of course any of the hundreds of plug-ins for Jira that already exist. Unfortunately the available Jira plug-ins are primitive in their features, but if you know one that is sophisticated and intuitive, I'm open to hearing about it.
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JIRA Portfolio! Does this meet your needs?

I know it definitely does resource allocation and roadmaps, etc.

Not sure about timetracking.

It integrates with JIRA so that is nice.
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