Is there a spouse of a surrogate partner that would be willing to chat?
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My wife and I are in the early to mid stages of surrogacy. Have any tips, guidance, etc?

My wife and I are in the early to mid stages of surrogacy. Intended parent? Check. Psych evals? Check. We are at the contract phase. Lately I have been plagued with 'What if' situations and just general uncertainty. I was wondering if there was a spouse that helped their partner through this journey that could offer some tips, guidance, what to expect, dos and donts, etc.
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It's not entirely clear to me if your wife IS a surrogate, or if she has engaged a surrogate...?
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I would definitely answer tristeza's question because I'm not sure either, but rereading it seems like your wife will be carrying the pregnancy?

Here's an article called My Wife Was a Surrogate Mother by a man in what-I-think-is-your shoes.
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There are relevant online forums for partners of surrogates. If your wife is on any of the surrogacy boards maybe she can ask for the best current recommendations. There may also be a group in your home city that you could talk to in person.
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Response by poster: Sorry guys! My wife is the surrogate and will be carrying for someone else.
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