Android games and apps that make swiping and dragging fun?
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I love swiping around on my Android phone; the chance to swipe around on my keyboard to write an email or text makes me surprisingly glad. What are some good games (and other apps?) that make the act of swiping and dragging a pleasure? Some examples: Alcazar and LYNE have been great games for me because they supported smooth, convoluted drags, and Threes has been too because of its smooth swipes. In contrast, the clunkyness of the dragging in Trainyard has been a turn-off. While a good challenge is important, fluidity is key.
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Eufloria is one of my favourites; I've played it all the way through several times now. There's lots of swiping/dragging involved in moving your spaceships/spores from one asteroid to the next (although it's also possible to control things without dragging).

Games like Temple Run and Subway Surfer also rely on swiping frenetically to control your character.

Contre Jour is another game that has dragging as the main control mechanic.
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Not dragging and dropping, but for swiping: Fruit Ninja. Nothing is more satisfying than swiping eight pieces of a fruit in a bunch in arcade mode.
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Flow and Bridges.
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Flight Control is available for android. It is hard but has lovely sweeping action, I often play on the easiest levels just to play longer.
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Dungeon Raid.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions! Dots is a bit too free-form; TwoDots was perfect but the inability to just pay for infinite lives made me enraged. While Flow could be a prettier game, the dragging action is perfect & wonderfully smooth. I'll be sticking with it for a bit, I think.
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my husband swears that the exact thing you need is "battleheart".
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Solipskier has survived on my phone for the peculiar joy in getting the successful swipe-flicks just so.
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Horrible name, but I like Magic Mania. It's not clear from the screenshots but rather than swapping neighbouring coloured things to make matches, you connect things that are next to each other - so you're essentially drawing a pathway with your finger. Sometimes when there are lots of switchbacks this can get very complicated, and there are specials for connecting 7/13/20 etc in a row.
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