run-mbi16.exe virus/worm/trojan
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run-mbi16.exe virus/worm/trojan

I don't know what run-mbi16.exe does, and neither does the internet, as far as I can tell. AdAware tries to kill it but it reappears on reboot. I can kill the process manually every time I start my machine, but as you might imagine, that seems to be an inferior long-term solution.

Little help?
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If it's a matter of just killing a process, HijackThis should be able to fix it so that it is permanently disabled.
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No idea what this is, but if you need help tracking down how it is being run I suggest you check out this list of places that viruses and trojans hide on startup. Might have some places that you haven't looked yet.
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I am drawing a blank with my sources. Most of the anti-virus, spyware companies are fast listing problem programs.
So i wonder: Could it be part of some software you are running(ie not bad)? Have you done a search to see where on your hard drive it lives? Do you use a french trackball, if yes there is one with the model MBI 16? Need more clues...........
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To add to what blink_left said, once you find the file in Search or File Explorer, look at it's File Created date. Then do a disk-wide search for all files created on that date. This can give you some idea of what it was packaged with, or how it got there.
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clarification: to get the File Created date, right-click on the file to bring up its properties
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It could be something that renames itself differently on every infected machine.

Can you find the .exe , right click on it, go to properties, and see if there's any other info?

Look for the description, or check all of the info on the Version tab. Is it digitally signed? (most likely not)
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kwan: plz provide all the details adware spits out when manipualting the object while you try this german ware which rules.
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