Need help purchasing opera tickets for a performance at the Teatro Colon
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Me and my husband are going to Argentina for a vacation in June. We really wanted to see an opera at the Teatro Colon on June 16 called Quartett, but we're having a hard time figuring out how to purchase tickets.

The website has an English version, but nowhere to buy tickets online. We have both tried calling the theater itself, but the English language department only arranges tours.
I tried using my rusty high school Spanish to buy tickets from the ticket department and I think they told me they are either not selling tickets until April OR they are sold out after April- I'm not sure which.

We've also tried emailing the Teatro Colon in both languages and have not received any response.

It's one of the most famous opera houses in the world, I would just have to think they have some way for non-Spanish speakers to buy tickets. Maybe we are looking in the wrong place. Can anyone help us?
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Are you staying at a hotel in Argentina? Can you ask the hotel to try to book the tickets for you?
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Alternatively, if nobody else here can help, you could use LanguageLine and get a translator for the call. $3.95/minute including the international phone call.
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That's a super idea. However, we're actually using Air B&B

But thanks for the suggestion.
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If you don't get this figured out today, shoot me a message on here and I can call tomorrow for you. (I believe a lot of the seats go to season ticket holders, so I wouldn't be surprised if any remaining seats don't go on sale until much closer to the event -- but that's just conjecture on my part.)
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Clicking on "adquiera sus localidades" (buy your tickets) took me to
I was hoping it would be tiketek. I never heard of this other company during the seven years I lived in Buenos Aires. refers to the possibility of buying tickets online but I find no way of doing it. There's a link labeled "electronic ticket" that my tablet refuses to open, but it has the word visits in the filename, so it's not what we are looking for. Maybe they don't sell tickets for this opera online....

But I did find their phone number for phone sales. It doesn't say they have English speaking reps, but it doesn't say they don't. It's (54) 911 5294 9100. It didn't have the part before the 11, I added that, and I can't remember if the 9 was always needed or if it was only for cellphones, so try without it if it doesn't work.

How much are the tickets? If nothing else works I can ask if someone can get them for you.
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Promethea was on the right track. After clicking on "adquiera sus localidades" the page has a search field at the top (left of the button "buscar", which means search). You put the name of the opera in the first field or the dates in there that you're looking for in the second (and third, but it's not necessary) and it will return results.

However, the opera you want isn't coming up in the search results, and if you just leave the fields blank and click search a bunch of shows and options will come up. Looking through those, the soonest engagement at the theatre, a guided tour, is showing up as "Agotado!" or sold out. Others are showing as "Comprar" or Buy and some are showing as "En venta la..." or "on sale the ...". Anything after early April is showing as "No Disponible" or "Not available".

All that to say that I believe that your high school Spanish understood correctly that tickets are not on sale until some time in April, but that it does look like you can buy online from that tuentrada website once they do go on sale. However, the website doesn't seem to say anywhere when that might be, so you'll probably have to keep checking back.
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I just found this website that says that tickets for the 2015 season aren't yet on sale to the general public, but that tickets do go on sale around two months before the show (which, in your show's case, would be April, which is what you understood). There's other good info on that page, including how to actually buy tickets once they do go on sale.

Good luck!
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Urbanlenny, I got to the page for Quartett through the menu. I had to click on eventos and then on opera. And then is when what I described before came up.
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