Is it safe for a single woman to walk around San Juan PR by herself?
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Ive travelled to most places by myself, but some places I know too little about to know if this is safe. How is San Juan, Puerto Rico?

There is an event that starts at 5pm that I want to attend. According to google it takes place about at a distance that is a 10 minute walk away from the Old San Juan Sheraton hotel (where I would be staying). Since I'd only be in town for a day or two wouldn't rent a car. Ideally I would just walk those 10 minutes to the event and then walk back to the hotel when it's finished. I don't know anything about Puerto Rico or this part of Puerto Rico. How safe would this be?
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In the day, I'd feel comfortable with my wife walking anywhere in Old San Juan on her own. After dark, I'd only be concerned about La Perla (which is the opposite side from the Sheraton and more like a 20 minute walk). To be honest, I'd advise you to stay away from La Perla in the day as well. I think you'd feel comfortable anywhere that is close to the Sheraton. It has always been my sense that most crime in the PR is related to drug activity.
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In which direction? Toward El Moro or away? Is the venue also in OSJ?

If it is, and you're heading toward El Moro, I'd do it no problem.

If it's toward, say, Ocean Park or Santurce, nah. Really sketchy. (But I'm guessing not, because that's a real hike.)

But why bother if you're nervous? Just call a cab early, and they'll come get you. There are plenty on Google.

Memail me if you want me to look at your exact route. :)
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(Also, I neglected to mention that I'm a tall blonde lady.)
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Most of what you can get to in 10 minutes on foot is pretty OK, but more so toward El Moro. Far enough the other direction sketched me out as a tall, massive guy.
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I've never been east of the Plaza Colon on foot (we usually stay in Condado and take a cab into the old city) but points west of there have always seemed perfectly safe to me. Including at night.

And actually last time we were there we found ourselves in the middle of a huge protest rally (the Governor is proposing to replace the 7 percent sales tax w a 16 percent VAT. People are not happy.) and it was pretty much a parade and a party. Not the kind of thing where people yell and throw rocks and the vibe is all scary, but the sort of thing where little kids have been given air horns and express permission to make as much noise as they like, and are not going to let such a rare opportunity go to waste.

BTW, if you're looking for a place to eat, check out a little Spanish Tapas place called Rosa de Triana, right across the courtyard from the El Convento hotel. Highly recommended.
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The direction would be to the east towards a restaurant called "Casa de Espana". Does this help?
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Ooh, lucky you! That's a gorgeous building! Not open to the public, so I assume you're going to some special event.

I wouldn't be particularly concerned about that area. If I were, it wouldn't be about general sketchiness as much as traffic. That's one of a row of very impressive buildings set smack between the two main arteries in and out of the old city. Lot of traffic, moving pretty quickly sometimes.

If I recall correctly, there are sidewalks, though. Just be careful crossing the roads, especially after dark, and you'll likely be fine. If you're concerned, it's very easy to catch a taxi.

If you get there, you're very close to the fort, the Castillo de San Cristobal, which is very cool.

(Also, according to Agents of Shield, there's an alien city beneath the fort. So you'll definitely want to check that out...)

I kid, but check out that episode - fast forward to about 18:30 and they're in San Juan. That square with the tall white pedestal with a statue on it is the Plaza Colon (or Columbus, that's who the statue is) which you'll pretty much have to walk right by to get where you're going. And the fort is like a block uphill/ So you're going to be right there.
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