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So, Easter Jeep Safari is coming up, and jeep released photos of the concept cars that will be there.

You can see all of them here.

This one in particular caught my eye. I love the retro military look, to be sure, but what I really want to get ahold of is that HF antenna . Where can I get one ? Or how can I make my own ?

You can assume that I have an FC-40 an 857d, and a HAM extra license. I just want that whip or a place to buy a similar one. Also, I offroad/badroad my truck and beat the snot out of my antennas - screwdrivers never hold up. The 108" metal whip I've got works just fine with the tuner, especially on 20m where I am most concerned, but this one looks cooler, and really, isn't that the most important thing ?

Also, is that Chief dreamy or what ? I would buy that in a heartbeat.
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It looks for all the world like the telescopic carbon-fibre fishing poles that QRP types use to hang end-feds and the like.
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Shakespeare (the fishing rod company) actually makes the military HF antennas.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I think that looks like the Shakespeare on there.

I talked the wife into going down to Moab for the event, so I guess I can find out then.
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