Excellent mis-priced 99 cent albums in digital stores?
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I love finding albums that digital music stores fail to price correctly. Some examples: Hildur Gudnadottir's Leyfdu ljosinu, James Blackshaw's Lost Prayers, a concert of In C, and the continuous mixes of Hernan Cattaneo's Balance 26). Do you know any great, bargain-basement priced esoteric albums for sale? Do you have a great system for finding them? Please reveal your secrets!
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Best answer: At Amazon, go to Digital Music. Click Deals, then on the left side, click "$0.99 or less." Then, top right, sort "Time: Long to Short."

(Let's see if this link will work.)
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Response by poster: !
I was aware of Amazon's deals section, but not that you could do this kind of power search. I'm quite excited about ??????????? ??? ?????????? ???????????, ????? 2
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(Warning: the word at the top of all those ????s is "audiobook.")
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Best answer: I clicked on jbickers' link, and it showed me songs. In the left-hand menu I clicked Category. When the page reloaded, I clicked Albums which now appeared under Category. There you go, 99-cent albums.
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Best answer: I followed in278s instructions. Here you go: Linky for "albums"
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