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Looking for short term housing from June to August. Family two with pets. Husband has an internship. Were hoping for furnished studio or one bedroom would be fine. Nothing fancy needed. In Plainsboro or a neighboring town. Any leads or advice in finding them would be helpful. Already posted want ads on Craigslist
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Have you looked in Princeton? There are a lot of people there who vacate for the summer, because school is out.

Most of NJ is not really densely enough settled to make Craigslist listings make sense. I recommend you place phone calls - or send emails - to local realtors describing what you want. Realtors are human beings who are much more in touch with the ebb and flow of housing availability and have a vested interest in filling vacancies and placing clients. Start calling around to get some of these professionals on your side, keeping an eye out for perfect opportunities for you.
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Pets make this tricky. Is there another option for them over the summer, or do they have to come along?

Here are some other ideas:
1. Contact your fiance's internship program -- they may be able to advise on what previous interns have done.
2. Look at VRBO -- occasionally things will turn up there that may be appropriate.
3. University + lots of corp HQ mean there are many people who come to the area for a few months for work. There are tons of extended-stay type hotels to accommodate them. The cheapest one of these is Extended Stay America in South Brunswick, which will run about $5k for June-August. This is steep, but the plus side is they take pets with no extra fee.
4. You'll have a car, yes? You'll definitely want a car in Plainsboro.

Good luck!
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Lots of grad students in Princeton are looking for sub-letters over that exact time period, because they move elsewhere for internships. Memail me if you want more info.
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