Don't Google two women play fighting..
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I'm completely stumped and hoping that Ask MeFi can help. There is an amazing play in which two women have a sword fight, making catty comments back and forth. One is a blonde princess type, the other a brunette seductress type. I believe the scene was taken from a larger play, but I mostly recall it from a book about sword fighting. I'm pretty sure the title was Name and Name and that the last name started with a Z. Zoltair? Zanitar?

It's not much to go on but I know Metafilter has come up with some amazing answers before. Also, if anyone has a link to an online version of the scene, that would be amazing.

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Response by poster: It was Zastrozzi!!

Oh Metafilter, I'm so disappointed I figured it out before you did. Mods, please feel free to delete this question.
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