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What's this literary novel about a woman falling in love with a sea creature?

What the person remembers:

It came out about 20 years ago

It was a British author

It might have been nominated for the Booker prize?

It was a female author, possibly named Rachel

There is a scene where the woman stands on the shore and the creature comes out of the sea

...any thoughts?
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Does it have anything to do with the Selkie Folk myth? Selkie folk are Scottish/Irish people who put on seal skin and went into the sea (or vice versa, not sure which)
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The Secret of Roan Inish was a 1994 movie based on a book by Rosalie K. Fry called The Secret of Ron Mor Skerry.
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Best answer: Mrs. Caliban by Rachel Ingalls
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Best answer: Nthing Mrs. Caliban by Rachel Ingalls - he is like the Creature from the Black Lagoon, named Larry. First published in 1982.
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In the off (and slim chance) that it is not Mrs. Caliban, could it be A.S.Byatt's Possession? It was published in 1990, won the Booker Prize and incorporates the selkie myth as part of the story.
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Response by poster: That was it! Thank you, you are geniuses!
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