wisconsin lake resort for young kids
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I want to hang out at the lake for a week with my family. Looking for resort suggestions.

I'm looking for a cabin to rent at the lake (resort or vrbo, whatever) for my family this summer. We live in Madison and would like to be within a 5 or 6 hour drive north of here, and within a couple hours of a real hospital (so, Duluth).

There are a million small resorts but not much information about any of them online -- I'm hoping for some personal recommendations. The most important thing for us is that there be a nice shallow sandy swimming beach. A playground would also be great, and clean cabins with a kitchen. We'd like to be on a smaller, quiet lake, and at a quiet resort (not too much bar traffic).

If you've been anywhere like this I'd love to hear about it! Thanks very much, metafilter.
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We stayed at Ross' Teal Lake Lodge in Hayward several times when I was a kid, and it really seems to fit what you want. It's low-key, but kept up beautifully with pool and beach swimming, along with activities like boating and fishing. There's a sense of community with the other guests (one summer during a storm with a tornado warning, we ended up with about 30 other lodgers who had gotten caught outside during a hike taking shelter in our cabin!), but it was also very easy to find solitude if that's what you want out of your trip.

The thing I remember the most is the food - it was fantastic, gourmet food, and absolutely the highlight of our trips. The same family who ran it when I was there still runs the place, so I would hope that the quality has stayed the same too. If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to try to remember anything else about our trips!
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There are a bunch of resorts on Lake George, in northern Wisconsin. I haven't stayed at any of them, but the lake and woods around there is gorgeous. There's also Holiday Acres, which is on Lake Thompson. I have stayed there and eaten at their restaurant (I grew up right by them) and it is also beautiful. (I'm jealous! I miss home!)
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Oh. Holiday Acres might not be the quiet, small place you're looking for. It's pretty popular.
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My family went to Bibs when we were kids and I have a lot of great memories; it seems to check off a lot of your boxes. Cabins, swimming, playground, plus a little bar/arcade... I haven't been in a decade, but if you're looking for personal recommendations, we loved it! Like I said, very fond memories. Close enough for a day trip to do inner tubing down Eagle River, the shops at Minaqua (if you want to get out for a day). Good luck! I miss those cabins :).
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Response by poster: Thanks, you guys! Those are just what we're looking for.
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