help! looking for boat ride from America to west central Africa
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Hello guys I am looking for any information on freightliner cruises or any other boats that I can take from anywhere on the east coast of the usa to west central Africa. Also, if anyone has any general info on traveling on freightliners than that would be greatly appreciated as well!
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Check out the links on this page.
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Bill Brown recounts taking a freighter to Europe in Dream Whip #13. So, so good...
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Firestone Natural Rubber Company used to run a regular service between the USEC and Liberia. They sold the two ships they used to transport the liquid latex from the Liberian plantation to the USA several years ago. However they are likely still importing the latex as their plantation is still operating. I could not find their (former) vessel management company called Harbel Cutlass Inc and formerly known as L&C Marine Transport Ltd. operating any ships at present, but according to industry sources the group has taken to chartering in a ship for this.

You could contact Bridgestone Americas, Inc which is the company that actually imports the latex for the group and ask them if they are still operating the service and if they accept passengers or if they could put you in touch with the vessel operator to ask them if they take passengers. Warning: there has been a LOT of bad publicity about their practices in Liberia, most of which is likely to be true, so Bridgestone might be more than a little wary about Some Random Person calling them up with this inquiry.

Alternatively, if you know to which port you want to go, memail me and I can send you a list of container shipping companies or car carriers going there (container shipping companies will make regularly scheduled calls while bulk companies don't generally).
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