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I've built a simple database in Access, with a form function for the people who are inputting data. But the forms are acting very strange and I'm not sure how to fix it.

This is really quite a simple database. I'm self-taught in Access so there is nothing fancy going on. I have three tables: tables A, B, and C. They are connected by a client ID# as the key. I then created forms for the tables, to make it easier for staff who are entering data. The form for A has the B and C forms embedded so that it all shows up at once when you open A (with separate tabs for B and C).

To search for a person, we mostly use the "Text Filters equals" and their last name, in form A. That's great, it brings up the person, the form shows as being filtered at the bottom of the screen. However, the tabs for B and C show only the client ID, but no other data. To see the data (or even to enter data without getting an error message), you have to toggle "Filtered" to "Unfiltered" at the bottom of each of those tabs. Why is this happening?

I'm inexperienced enough with Access that googling hasn't helped me, because I'm not sure what terms to use (all the results that come up have to do with SQL databases). There must be something fairly simple that I'm missing, but I can't figure it out. I've built a couple of similar databases, with embedded forms, and haven't had these problems.

Brilliant MeFites, any advice?
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Two key steps:
1) Make sure you have the table relationships setup the way you want.
2) When adding subforms make sure that the 'Link Master fields' and 'Link child fields' are correctly filled in.
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