Viking party music?
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I'm helping find music for a Viking-themed party that would be both fitting and fun to dance to. I've got some viking metal, but that is more head-banging than the booty-shaking I am hoping for. What is the Gogol Bordello of viking bands, or the electroswing of viking music?
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The video is more appropriate than the song, but War Photographer is a dancy song about a power ranger-esque battle of the bands.
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If you're open to non-Viking musicians, guitarist/composer Tomoyasu Hotei did a pretty great electro-metal cover of "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin (who are also not Vikings).

Live version
Album version (image is of wrestler Togi Makabe, who uses it as his entrance music)
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I thought immediately of Hedningarna and Garmarna and all that variety of Nordic neo-trad.
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Hoven Droven
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Get you some Corvus Corax.
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Don't forget to spare a moment for Techno Viking, patron saint of the party.
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There's another version of Immigrant Song by Karen O with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.
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Fever Ray (which may seem way obvious since her music was used for the intro to the Vikings television show, but also I read something where the show runners give Fever Ray credit for a lot of the show's atmosphere).

In the same vein, perhaps something by Chelsea Wolfe.
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Will your party equipment include any monitors/projectors? If yes, I feel this will be not inappropriate.
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The theme from Valhalla Rising?
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2nding Finntroll.
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Try out some Dungen.
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Lots of Nordic music available from Nordic Roots, like Loituma, Hedningardna, Garmana, etc.
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Actually Gjallarhorn are probably more chill-out than Gogol Bordello, but Scandinavia is the land of melodic Viking metal, and Finland in particular is a fine place to start. YouTube sampler containing many Viking-ish songs here. Nightwish are particularly awesome.

Also, if you have video or projection ability, Finnish orc-rock combo Lordi give good visuals (see their opening for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007. Eurovision needs more orcs.) Also show people this Finnish cough drop commercial.
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