What are these weird "crosshair" video screens I have seen at airports?
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In the terminals of a few airports I've been to (CLT, BOS, maybe YYZ?), I have seen screens playing video advertisements on the walls of the terminals that don't look like the typical LCD or plasma TV. They seem to consist of four rectangles arranged 2x2, essentially forming one "screen", with a small gap between each panel. There is no "frame" around each panel like a normal TV - I just appears to be four screens by themselves. Also, the panels appeared unusually bright. The image did not appear to be projected from elsewhere. What are these devices called?
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Best answer: Do you mean like this? The page that's on just describes them as "thin bezel LCD screens" and it appears NEC sells them in 2x2 bundles called TileMatrix Video Wall Solutions.
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Best answer: They're called video walls. They're just narrow-bezel LED monitors mounted together, with the video feed divided between them with a device called a video wall controller.
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Best answer: Yep, just a small video wall.
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