Who can I pay to give me male grooming advice?
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I've seen lots of TV shows where someone will get a guy up to speed with grooming, help him come up with a "style", take him to the right cosmetics people, hair stylist, etc. I want this overall service too. Do these sorts of people exist in real life, what are they called, and can I find one here in the UK?

I am not particularly attractive but like most men past 30 do look a lot better when I put the effort in! While I can do the clothes part (I had a long term thing with a tailor until he retired and learnt a lot), when it comes to eyebrows, facial hair, hair styles, accessories, and tying it all together, I tend to chicken out. I need an experienced mentor I can pay to drag me through the whole thing and educate me in the process as I want to look particularly dashing with what average looks I've got.

Doing my own online research and working out which places I need to go is not panning out, so a "one stop shop" would be ideal. Do people (who do this as their actual job) like this exist, or at least close to it? A personal shopper at a high end department store might be OK but I'm not sure if they do this sort of thing. Also, I'm not rich but budget is not a problem (as in, I'm fine spending 4 figures £ getting up to speed, consultations, products, etc.)
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You are looking for a personal stylist, and fortunately for you they exist for both men and women! An upmarket department store like Selfridges may be able to accommodate you because they have little beauty and grooming concessions in them now - do check because they would be the most accessible option. At the very least they could point you in the right direction. These folk often spend a lot of time and energy helping people keep current and stylish and will probably have opinions and ideas to benefit you that go beyond clothes and belts and shoes.

Your profile location puts you in the middle of the sea off the coast of Newcastle, which I have to assume is inaccurate (if not, congratulations on your commitment to looking good in the most difficult of sartorial circumstances). If you're in London you are of course lucky: try Sartoria Lab or Daniel Johnson (who also does travelling consultations). A businessy female friend of mine did a day package with Westfield - not cheap but you've indicated that's not a problem.

You could also try a day spa that caters to men for hair, skincare, eyebrows and nails, and then pair that with a personal shopper or clothing service. I have a friend who used The Chapar and liked it, but as it's a sort of mail order thing it's probably best for expanding your range of clothing once a stylist has honed your look. Similarly, Enclothed promises to send you carefully-curated wardrobe selections once they've established your personal preferences.
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You should also google the terms "image consultant" and "style consultant".
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I don't know if you have any interest in new hobbies while you're at it, and if so, if that includes learning dance, but if you start spending time in eg. a latin/ballroom dance studio, especially one with a focus on competitive dance, you will be surrounded by new friends for whom improving already-impeccable personal presentation and grooming and style is a huge part of what they do. Your questions will be answered (often before you even ask them), you'll be in an environment filled with styles, and if you struggle with reluctance or lack of motivations, those things will have to withstand a tsunami of encouragement or else be swept aside.
For dance performance, some of it is presentation for stage, some of it is presentation for life, but you can learn from all of it and cherry-pick the stuff you like.
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Mod note: One comment deleted. I understand that folks may want to help with general improvement ideas about nutrition, exercise, etc., but the question is actually pretty specific, so let's stick to the requested advice. Thanks.
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