How can I keep these images with their URLs?
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I need to save a bunch of images. I also need to save their URLs. How?

I have bookmarked a great deal of images for a project. When I am ready to start I will go back to my bookmarks and download those images. I'm then going to use these images on a website and I need to be able to link back to where I found them originally. Is there any sort of app or extension that lets you download an image along with its URL?

I'm using Windows 8, any browser is fine.
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Yeah, Evernote. Or could you just make a very simple static HTML page and dump all the images and corresponding URLs on it?
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When you save the images, name the images by their url?

Like, [view image], click on the address bar to highlight, [ctrl][c] copy, right click save as, [ctrl][v] paste the address into the already highlighted filename.
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I make a spreadsheet with a thumbnail of the image, the URL, and whatever credit info I need to have, and save the jpegs in whatever cloud storage works.
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Depending on what you're working with you can dump this info into the file's metadata. So in Photoshop you can go to File, File Info and add all kinds of info for example.
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I use Microsoft OneNote to clip web images and it automatically pastes in the URL of where I got them from.
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Are you talking about using the URLs in your own code, or providing an annotation? Do you have authority to re-use these images? Additionally, URLs are ephemeral. It's quite possible that the URLs will be meaningless years, or even months down the line.

A bit more about what you plan to do will be helpful.
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The plan is to start a site like You Are Not A Photographer, Pinterest Fails or The Worst Things For Sale, or the ones of terrible real estate pictures. I've discovered a particular kind of business that is begging for some humorous critical appraisal. The pictures I've bookmarked are all public photos, intended by businesses to advertise. None are from private sites or an individual person's social media. I would be reposting them with commentary and critique, as covered under Fair Use. It's not defaming in anyway.

My intent was to include a link back to the site where I found the original photo. That seemed to be fair to me. I know some similar sites go the opposite route and black out watermarks or other ID.

At any rate, I still want to remember where I found these pictures, so I will try your suggestions, probably starting with Evernote.
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