Promiscuous iOS Bluetooth
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Is there a way to prevent an iPhone running iOS 8.1.2 from automatically pairing with known bluetooth devices? The phone is jailbroken if that helps.

I don't want to turn off Bluetooth since I want to keep the phone paired with my Pebble. I know about "Forget This Device," and that I can manually unpair, but those are kind of a hassle for devices that I like to connect to sometimes, just not every time the phone gets a whiff of them. It seems like there ought to be a jailbreak tweak for this, but I'm not finding one.
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Promiscuity is bluetooth's nature. (Insert ____ are from bluetooth, ____ are from Wifi joke here.)

I have a number of bluetooth speaker and headset devices around my place, and I just leave them off, or in once case, out of bluetooth mode, i.e. bluetooth is off on the device.

"Forget this device" is the same as unpairing in android, and on the phone end, it's the only option for disconnecting from an active bluetooth device.
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The tweak LongCCB for jailbroken devices makes it easier to "navigate to the wifi, bluetooth, do not disturb, and airplane mode's setting panes just by holding the corresponding control center button." Not exactly what I'm looking for, but at least it saves some time. The bluetooth device in question has to stay powered-on.
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