Where can I find photos of real peoples's apartments/homes?
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I'm working on a project, and for inspiration I want to see photos of real apartments/homes. Google tends to spit back a lot of stock photos, real estate photos, or interior design photos - those are all too tidy. Basically what I want is The Selby but for less fancy folks. Any ideas on how to find what I'm looking for?
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Apartment Therapy has good house/apt pics. They're skewed toward people with an interest in interior design, but they're real people, not celebs.
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How about AirBNB? There are a lot of interior photos of varying quality.
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Check out some Houzz Tours - a wide variety of styles from very staged to very lived-in.
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Oh, totally forgot to add Offbeat Home Tours. These are, like, the realest of the real people at all levels of fanciness. A recent example.
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I like Normal Room.
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Another recommendation is Craigslist in the rooms/shared category. You'll find some empty rooms, yeah, but also a lot of normal-looking apartments. (Try various cities, too.)
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This book, Life at Home in the 21st Century, gives a glimpse into actual families homes, unvarnished, and provides some info on the families habits. It's California specific, and doesn't feature any apartments that I remember, but it's very interesting.
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FSBO real estate listings on sites like Zillow.
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Unfuck Your Habitat shares lots of before/after photos of real spaces that are definitely not overly-designed and styled.
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Google instagram and a whatever hashtag you can think of (#mylivingroom, #messyhouse, #homesweethome, etc)
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I believe "room tours" are still a thing on YouTube, if you're ok with taking stills from vids and are interested in teenagers' digs.
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Corners of my Home is a longstanding flickr group.
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