Oh baby, I like it raw.... (Trouble finding a short story)
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I'm having trouble finding any point of reference for a short story I was recently reminded of regarding a husband who suddenly gets the impulse to drink blood/eat raw meat. If I recall correctly, he just masticates the meat for the juices. It's a long drawn out thing of trying to hide this weird compulsion from his wife, making himself out to be a monster, but in the end it resolves well.

I thought it might be in A favorite horror anthology of mine but it seems too tame for that particular book and googling the individual stories has yet to give me any leads.

I'm sorry I don't have any better leads to go on, but I think it might have a simple title like "Raw" or "Blood" which certainly doesn't help....
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Best answer: It's called "Blood," by Roddy Doyle. It appears in his collection Bullfighting.
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Best answer: (I literally just heard this the other day read aloud on BBC Radio 4 Extra by Declan Conlon, so it leapt instantly to mind.)
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Best answer: It's also in Stories (edited by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio).
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Response by poster: That was fast. I should have sat this instead of waiting a couple days to check back. Thanks a bunch and that's super neat-o.
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