My Cinderella needs an AAAA boot to close the deal
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I need to find a source for a women's hiking boot in US 9.5 or 10 with an AAAA width.

The wonderful leather pair from Patagonia in the 60's are now a bit heavy and worn. Patagonia doesn't make anything that would replace them. I would love to surprise this special spouse with a pair of GorTex or similar and lighter day hiking boots in spring, summer, and fall. The size "narrow" doesn't work (its like a 2A). After hours of getting nowhere I turn in need to the Green. Thank you.
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You could try working with Zappos on this one. I once used them to find an incredibly wide shoe for a relative (who already needed extra-wide shoes, but a medical problem meant he needed them even wider). You can keep ordering pairs and trying them, sending back the rejects for free. If you call them up, they have fantastic customer service. They might not have something, but they'll sure try their best.
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I don't have any real advice but this blog does.
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Try Limmer. One pair will last her the rest of her life .... that's a real gift.
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When I wore 9.5 5A shoes, I got them from the very helpful folks at Tops for Shoes in Asheville, NC. Might be worth calling them for advice. (on phone, sorry no link)
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