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I'm trying to identify the singer/song in this track. Female vocalist, blues music.

The majority of the track has the singer recounting an amusing anecdote [while the band plays]. At 06:10 she starts singing and sings a few verses of Worried Life Blues:
Oh lordy lord, oh lordy lord
It hurts me so bad, for us to part
But someday baby, I ain't gonna worry my life anymore
And then some alternate lyrics for it:
One and one is two, Two and three is five
I ain't playing with you baby, I'm tired of all that jive
And right now baby, I ain't gonna worry my life anymore

You heard my story, yes you heard my song
Woah goodbye baby, so long I'm gone
Cause right now baby, I ain't gonna worry my life anymore
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I wonder if it could be Ruth Brown, maybe early Ruth Brown? She has that kind of sassy approach.
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Thanks purplesludge, it wasn't Ruth Brown but googleing for her set me on the path to Katie Webster. I can't find the exact track I have there, but I guess it's a live version and she's singing a mashup of Red Negligee with Worry My Life Anymore.
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