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DNS hosting - who has the most features and accessibility?

Looking for a DNS hosting service that provides a very robust web-based admin.

Must have the ability to create wildcards and some kind of export feature would be nice (for backups of zone files)

Netsol and register, while being "registrars" have crappy dns management tools. Looking for someone that has something better than these guys...
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Look at UltraDNS. I haven't used their service recently (it's been over 3 years since I worked there), but the web interface was robust and the actual service underneath it was scalable and reliable.
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GoDaddy's DNS management tool is actually pretty decent... I ask all of my webhosting clients to go through GoDaddy since I don't have my own two DNS servers (I don't have a major hosting company.. it's a friends and friends of friends sort of thing)

Joker.com is also good.
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zoneedit - 5 free domains
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I second ZoneEdit.
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I use DNSMadeEasy and it's great. Recommended to me by the geniuses at Textdrive.
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(DNSMadeEasy's pricing: 50 domains for $25/year)
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EveryDns is a free DNS service that provides many extra services such as dynamic DNS and web hops. Without a donation, you can have 20 domains and 200 records total. A one time donation of at least 15$ will earn you unlimited resources. I highly recommend them.
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I like Afraid.org. It's freem and they basically let you do anything you want (within reason, no SPAM allowed). I highly recommend their DNS service.

I used to use MiniDNS.net and loved it, because they allowed you to directly edit your zone records, but I stopped using them for some reason or another. I think it was because at the time they only offered DNS for Dynamic users, and I didn't need Dynamic DNS. But it's been a long while, so I'm not so sure anymore if that's why I dropped them.
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I obviously meant "It's free, and..."
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Since no one has "represented" it, I'm a fan of gandi.net
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Best answer: DynDNS.org has a good DNS service. And, no, I'm not talking about the 'dynamic' DNS entries. I've been using their Custom DNS service for about... two years. No complaints.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!
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